Selling a Boat

We have standards to which we adhere, in order to sell a good boat. We do not sell, or wish to sell boats that do not meet a minimum standard of cleanliness and hygiene. The boats must be presentable and in working order.

Although we do have a criteria before we accept a boat for brokerage (please view our terms and conditions of sale) we will advise and assist in meeting the standards rightly demanded by our customers.

We will discuss the price you wish to sell your boat and will always try and get you the best price. This does depend on market value and how well the boat is presented. We will advertise the boat on our web site and will advertise your boat at Buckden Marina in the form of listings and photographs, together with detailed and featured listings on national and international leading boat marketing websites.

We suggest:

  • Remove from the boat everything that is not included in the sale (e.g. personal items, including cutlery, clothing etc)
  • Make good any finishes damaged if you take out equipment fitted (e.g. radio telephone, echo sounder etc)
  • Clean the boat thoroughly inside. A fresh, clean smelling boat makes a good impression on any would-be purchaser.
  • The bilges and engine compartment should be clean and dry.
  • Before anyone completes a purchase with us, they are given the opportunity to test drive the boat they are thinking of buying, much as you would a car. Therefore, its in your best interest to have the engine running as smoothly as possible for the demonstration.
  • Check that all electrics and mechanical gear are in working order.
  • If the hood or canopy need repair or replacement, then get it done. (The canopy is usually a customers first impression of the boat).
  • Clean and polish the outside, including scrubbing the waterline. Then keep it clean by washing off regularly.
  • It is likely that any purchaser will want to have your boat surveyed by a qualified marine surveyor. Sometimes a purchaser may forego this option if you can prove a regular and recent maintenance record with a full service history (invoices etc). Make up a file to keep on the boat.
  • When winter approaches, then have the engine(s) and domestic services winterised. Put a label on the steering wheel to indicate the recommissioning procedure.

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Brokerage Listing Agreement Master 2016.pdf

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